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Verapamil Mg

Related article: yrs., lost. 71b Acres 2 Captain F. Bald's ch. c. Sprig of Shillelagh Verapamil Sr F. Verapamil Dosage Mason 3 100 to 7 agst. Mr. Quilp. March 9th. — The New Century Steeple- chase of 777 sovs. ; two miles. Mr. D. G. Williams' ch. c. North Tyne, by Bonavista — Reedwater, 4 yrs., lost Mr. Nugent i Mr. F. R. Hunt's br. g. Grand Attack, aged, I2st. 7lb. Dollery 2 Mr. P. J. Dunne's b. m. Little May H., 5 yrs., list. 7lb. Mr, Persee 3 10 to I agst. North Tyne. GATWICK.— March Meeting. Verapamil Er March 12th. — The Tantivy Steeplechase of 825 sovs. ; two miles. Mr. Thompson's b. g. Mintstalk, by Minting — Fabiola, 5 Verapamil 120mg yrs,, list. lolb J.Phillips I Captain Leetbam's b. g, Tiney White, 5 yrs., I2st. 31b, F, Freemantle 2 Mr. W. L. Humby'sb, g. Little Hercules, 5 yrs., I2st. iilb, Mr, H. Nugent 3 6 to I agst. Mintstalk. March 1 3th. — The International Hurdle Race of 625 sovs, ; Migraine Verapamil two miles, Mr. £. J. Percy s ch. g. Bonnie Dundee, by Baliol— Sympathy, aged, list. 81b Chadwick i Verapamil Dosing Mr. J. G. Bukeil's b. h. Snarley Vow, Verapamil 240mg 6 yrs., lost. 71b, ...Piggott 2 Lord Buy Verapamil C. Montagu's br. h. Kil- kerran, aged, list. 11 lb. F. Mason 3 8 to I agst. Bonnie Dundee. FOOTBALL. February 23rd. — At Edinburgh, Scotland V. Verapamil 80mg Ireland, former won by 9 points to 5' February 23rd, — Verapamil Cream At Hartlepool, North Verapamil 120 Mg v. SoodMdl «' South, former won bv t0 6* February 23rd. — At Glasgow, Ireland, former won bv Verapamil 180 II i.t March 2nd. — At Wrexham, Wt Scotland, drawn, i goal March 2nd.— At CrysUl FSdace (2 London's Charity Shield), v. Aston Villa, Utter woo by I toot March 9lh.— At Blackheath, Fnglwit ▼• Scotland, Verapamil Mg latter won by 18 pointo to 3' March 9th. — At Southampton, g«gV«^ w» Ireland, former won by 3 goals to Out March 16th.— At Swansea, Wales v. Soa(» land, former won by 10 Verapamil Migraine points to 9.* March Verapamil 240 Mg 16th.— At Glasgow, Eagjaad t. Scotland, latter won by 6 goals to ^t March 16th.— At Tufnell Patk, Ompbam'^ Ilford, Verapamil Dose (London Senior Challenge Cup Final Tie,) latter won by a gqsls to I.T * Under Ragby Rnlo. t Under Assocuuion Rules. HOCKEV. February 27th. — At Richmond, OzfiNd «. Cambridge, latter won by 4 goals to I. March 2nd. — At Kersal, North ▼. Sooth, former won by 4 goals to I. March 9th. — At Swansea, England v. Wales, former won by 4 goals to o. COURSING. February 22nd.— Waterloo Cup — ^Mr. J. H. Bibby ns. (Messrs, Fawcett's), bk. b. Fearless Footsteps, beat Mr. F. Watson (Mr. P. Qark's) bk. dp. Cleughbrae. February 22nd.— Waterloo Purse — (B)Mr. W. Osborne ns. (Messrs. Aston and Spruce's r. b. Agile Spurt, beat (E) Mr. A. T. Newfaold's w. bk. b. p. New Tripper. February 22nd. —Waterloo Plate — (E) Mr. R. Anderton ns. (Messrs. Fawcett's) bd. d. Father o' Verapamil 80 Mg Fire, and (E) Mr. J. Coke's w. bk. b. Cousin Mary, divided. BILLIARDS. March 9th.->At Oxford, Oxford (N. A. Lee) V. Cambridge (A. A. Trinder), former won by 500 to 462. March nth.— -At Oxford, Oxford (N. A. Lee and S. £. Lord) v. Cambridge (A. A. Trinder and O. McMaster), former won by Verapamil Hydrochloride 500 to ^7. SHOOTING. February 15th.— At Monte Carlo, The Prix du Championnat Triennial, Hon. R. Beresford won, Messrs. Vernon Barker, Robinson and Verapamil 240 Mackintosh divided second, third and fourth. E. BROWN & SON'S 7, GhABBICK^ STREET, LONDOW, W.O., and 26. RUE BERQERE, PARIS, Boot Preparations SOLD EVERYWHERE. ■BLTOim BUOKIMO (As as«d in th« Rosral HouMhoId) lUnden th« Boots Soft, Durable, and Waterproof. ^ ROYAL LnETiAKCPEAV p. B Rap ^S ON KOTAL LaTBTUB CBBJiV, The best for Verapamil Gel Cleaning and Polishing Russian and Brown Leather Tennis Shoes, Polo Boots ftc